Tiny Wins

Matt Spear

Last Updated: 16th February 2024

3 min read

A tiny win is when you achieve something small that takes you a step in the right direction. The concept help you celebrate the journey and build up momentum as you go.

Mentioned in the blog post Tiny Wins.

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  • Start off the year sick 😷
  • Work on new Learnso site
  • Arrived in Bansko, Bulgaria πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ—»πŸ‚
  • Finish reading The Art of Focus
  • First time snowboarding ❄️
  • Play with Appwrite for iOS
  • Play with OpenAI Assistants API and function calling πŸ€–
  • Sort taxes πŸ’Έ


  • Finish Drizzle course, add to web stack
  • Revisit Obsidian for notetaking πŸͺ¨
  • Setup admin dashboard for freelance client
  • Start Viral YouTuber Mastermind
  • Work on YouTube script writing project πŸ“
  • Migrate old Ghost blog to Railway.app



  • Arrive in Istanbul, Turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·πŸˆβ›΄οΈ
  • Explore the Grand Bazaar πŸ“, Spice Market 🫚, Basilica Cistern πŸ’§ and Blue Mosque πŸ•Œ and took a ferry to Asia 🌏
  • Reboot Beeminder Reading Goal
  • Build an Arc tab count menubar app
  • Build a sleep debt menubar app and email reporting 😴
  • Sonar Istanbul 2024 🎧 (Hyenah, Joy Orbison, Overmono, 2manydjs)