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Matthew Spear


Freelance iOS Engineer

2016 - Present

  • Multiple projects including ARKit, CoreML, macOS and camera-based apps
  • Focused on early stage prototyping, MVPs and technology exploration
  • Designed and deployed app infrastructure including architecture design, provisioning databases / test environments, CMS and handling graphQL endpoints / clients


2020 - 2022

  • Prototyping early MVPs including video, social network and tag-based text editor
  • Lead the architecture / development of Here platform for both iOS and web
  • Team of ex-Buffer founder / employees working in an agile value driven environment

Research Assistant


  • Worked on SLAMBench, a benchmarking tool for SLAM Algorithms written using modern C++
  • Improved code quality through refactoring common patterns, simplifying structures, introducing clang-format and improving documentation
  • Integrated UZH-FPV Drone dataset working with Event Cameras
  • Published paper “Robust SLAM Systems: Are We There Yet?” at IROS 2021

Technology Evangelist Intern

2017 - 2018

  • Helped developers adopt new technologies with a focus on ARKit and CoreML. Worked with apps later featured in the App Store and Apple keynotes.
  • Worked on prototyping code samples and an internal iOS tool to support the team

iOS Developer


  • Worked in a team to build an iPad app to aid the elderly in staying healthy
  • Researched methods for animation within the iOS platform


iOS Stack

Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode, Composable Architecture, SPM, Apollo GraphQL, ARKit, CoreML, Firebase, Bitrise and TestFlight

Web Stack

Typescript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Blitz.js, Express, Prisma, Postgres, Vercel, Railway, Planetscale, GraphQL, AWS and Terraform


C++, Vim, Docker, Git, SQL, Figma, CLI, and Objective-C


BSc Computer Science

2015 - 2019

  • Studied algorithms, data structures, big-O notation and recursion
  • Modules on topics including databases, mobile systems, graphics, machine learning and microcontrollers
  • Worked on multiple team projects including Software Engineering tasks
  • 83% in dissertation titled “Applications of SLAM and Deep Learning on Mobile Devices”

Awards and Scholarships

Buildspace Nights & Weekends S2


Apple WWDC Scholarships

2016, 2017, 2019

CodeMobile Student Scholarship


Cocoalove Conference Scholarship


StudentHack Winner