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Matt Spear

Matt Spear: 25th May 2023

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Originally posted over at https://aiexperiments.co

👋 I'm a tad obsessive with courses, and learning materials (see my previous project Learnso) - my current goal is to skill up around Large Language Models (LLMs) and keep in the loop with new AI developments.

AI Experiments is my platform to apply and practice what I learn.

Recently, while having a conversation with Simon from Hacker Cabin, I realized I've been accumulated a list of favorite resources for learning AI. I thought it'd be great to share them here. I'd love to hear about your learning journey as well!

My Top Resources

Here are my top resources I've found so far:

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

In this course, you will learn how to use a large language model (LLM) to swiftly build new and powerful applications using the OpenAI API.



LLM Bootcamp - Spring 2023

Learn how to construct an application powered by large language models, like GPT-4, through recorded videos from the Full Stack Large Language Models Bootcamp.


The Full Stack

Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

A course by Andrej Karpathy on building neural networks, from scratch, in code. We start with the basics of backpropagation and build up to modern deep neural networks, like GPT.


Andrej Karpathy

Practical Deep Learning for Coders

A free course designed for people with some coding experience, who aspire to apply deep learning and machine learning to practical problems.


Practical Deep Learning for Coders - Part 2

In collaboration with experts from Stability.ai and Hugging Face (creators of the Diffusers library), we offer a thorough exploration of the latest techniques, including coverage of papers released after Stable Diffusion. We also teach how to interpret research papers, and practice this skill by studying and implementing many papers throughout the course.


Stanford CS330: Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning I Autumn 2022

Delve deep into the success of deep learning in fields such as image classification, natural language processing, and speech recognition.


Stanford Online

openai/openai-cookbook: Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API

Explore examples and guides for using the OpenAI API, and contribute to its development by creating an account on GitHub.



Best practices for prompt engineering with OpenAI API

Discover how to provide clear and effective instructions to GPT-3 and Codex.


OpenAI Help Center

To be continued...

For an extended version, visit the Resources page, where I've recently added a curated collection of AI YouTube Channels.

I'm always happy to assist anyone working through these resources or anyone who's interested in jamming on AI ideas or concepts!

So, what about you? What are you currently learning, or what resources are you finding useful?

Feel free to drop me an Email or Tweet. I'd love to hear from you!