Hello Static Site

Matt Spear

Matt Spear: 4th January 2022

2 min read

Welcome 🎉

If you're reading this I've managed to get my static blog up and running!

During 2021 I added web development to my toolbox of skills particularly focusing on web apps and learning just enough to build what I needed.

For years I've wanted to spend the time to code my own site and I've finally done it. For far too long I've relied on Wordpress, Ghost and other platforms to carry and limit me to what I could build.

Setting up this site I feel like I've got a blank canvas and the ability to build the site that I've always wished I could have had. It feels like I finally have my own place on the internet to share and send people.

The Stack:

One key approach I've taken while building the site is working in a 'just in time' fashion. Yesterday I setup the barebones site and got it online. Today I wanted to write a (this) blog post, so I added the content layer. The idea that I only ever add to the site when I need a feature and avoid upfront planning are already paying off!

Anyway this post was only meant to be a placeholder 📦 – will keep the blog updated as I build out the rest of the site and try to document it here.